13 Films I Am Probably Definitely Going To See This Summer

Summer Movie Season is once again upon us which means for the next 3 months multiplexes will be pummeled with all manner of potential blockbusters. Some of these films I couldn’t be less interested in (“Transformers 3” “Pirates of the Carribbean 4” etc.), some I’m really looking forward to, while some I’m more curious about than anticipating. Alright, May to August here we go!

1. The Tree Of Life (May 27)
Not exactly what you think of when you think of Summer Movie Season but it could end up being a smart bit of counter programming for Fox Searchlight. Terrence Malick’s long in-the-works drama (it was on my Most Anticipated list in January of 2010) stars Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and at least one dinosaur. Watch the trailer.

2. Super 8 (June 10)
J.J. Abrams super secretive tribute to Amblin-era Spielberg. All signs are pointing towards this being the one Summer Blockbuster you wont feel guilty about rewatching come fall.
Watch the trailer.

3. Bridesmaids (May 13)
Paul Feig (“Freaks & Geeks”) directed, Judd Apatow produced (duh), Kristen Wiig co-scripted/starring comedy that got huge buzz from SXSW. I think this is going to be great. Watch the trailer.

4. Beginners(June 3)
Mike Mills semi-autobiographical indie dramedy about a father (Christopher Plummer) coming out to his adult son (Ewan Mcgregor) picked up rave reviews at TIFF and SXSW film festivals. Watch the trailer.

5. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part II (July 15)
The final chapter in the seemingly never-ending Harry Potter series. The films have gotten increasingly interesting as they’ve gotten more adult, and this one should have the one thing all the other installments lacked: a proper ending. Watch the trailer.

6. Haywire (Unknown)
If Steven Soderbergh is true to his word that means he’s only 5 films away from retirement. Regardless of his hits and misses, I always look forward to what he’s doing next and this looks to be something in the fun “Out Of Sight” mode he hasn’t revisited in a while.

7. Cowboys & Aliens (July 29)
I wasn’t the world’s biggest “Iron Man” fan but I recognized it as a pretty good superhero film, (the stuff with RDJ was great, everything that happens after he puts on the suit = Zzzzzzz), but I give director Jon Favreau credit for knowing just how to appeal to fanboys. Watch the trailer.

8. X-Men: First Class (June 3)
I wouldn’t have been interested in this film at all were it not for Matthew Vaughn (“Kick Ass”) in the director’s chair. But the films 60s setting, promising cast and offbeat director made me think this could be something different. However, some of the images from the film have made me a bit worried. Watch the trailer.

9. One Day(August 19)
I don’t know what it is about Anne Hathaway but ever since “Rachel Getting Married” I am drawn to her movies. Even when they are “Love & Other Drugs.” This time she stars in a romantic drama from the director of “An Education” that checks in on a couple on the same day every year for 20 years. Bad wigs ensue. Watch the trailer.

10. The Hangover Part II(May 26)
I liked “The Hangover” but I didn’t think it was nearly as funny as most people seemed to think it was. I was thrilled to see Zach Galifianakis get a launching pad but the film itself was a mixed bag. Regardless of if the sequel is any good, it will make a billion dollars. Watch the trailer.

11./12./13. Thor/Green Lantern/Captain America: The First Avenger (May 6/June 17/July 22)
The B-Team. While I’m still skeptical of these films as I’m getting pretty exhausted of the superhero origin story, I need something to tide me over until the main attractions next year: “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Man Of Steel,” and “The Avengers.” Now that’s going to be a Summer. (Technically Superman opens in the Fall, whatever.) Watch the trailer(s): [T] [GL] [CA]

Also: 30 Minutes Or Less, Cars 2,Crazy Stupid Love, Horrible Bosses, Midnight In Paris.

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